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positive. it says firms doing business in europe are those in the defense sector might delay hiring workers and that consumers may reduce spending. it's time to get a check on the markets now. let's take a look at the currency market. the dollar is trading above the mid 88 yen level. tokyo traders are seeing a halt in the yen's gain. this follows recent cautious remarks from cabinet ministers about a weak yen. the euro is higher against the yen. tokyo share prices are higher today. the nikkei average is at 106,872 106,872. market participants say the yen's pull back prompted investors to buy up export related issues. taking a look at other markets. south korea's kospi trading high up 1,979. in australia the benchmark is trading higher by three-fourths of a percent. the euro zone credit crisis is taking a heavy toll for passenger cars. car sales plunged to a 17 year low. new car saechles stood at 12 million units. it's the lowest since germany saw a decline of 3%. all u.s. european and japanese makers suffered declines. germany's volkswagen lost 1.6%. south korean makers were strong. kia mot
of the country. spokesperson for france's defense ministry said the troops recaptured douentza and diabali. french military leaders now plan to push toward northern mali, which is a stronghold for islamist rebels. mali is a former french colony. government officials requested help from france earlier this month when rebels moved south. they say it increases risk of retaliatory attacks. they raised the country's domestic security alert. it's one notch below the highest level. they also tightened security around public transportation and other facilities across france. >>> a senior member of japan's administration is in china. nat sue yamaguchi, ruling new komeito party. yamaguchi left for beijing on wednesday and will be in china for four days. relations between the two countries are tense over a territorial dispute. s sen kak cue islands are controlled by japan. >> translator: we need to encourage dialogue in order to ease tensions and avoid any contingencies. >> yamaguchi plans to meet with new chinese communist party xi jinping and other senior officials. he plans to ask xi to meet shinz
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)